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The TELE-AIRE Smoke Generators emit a safe, non-toxic, odorless, waterbased smoke and it is very ECONOMICAL. Both units have a large capacity and remote control.

An effective fogging machine on the cutting-edge of technology. Offers much more for far less than any other machine in its class. Attractive warranties, and high durability make this product a great choice for fogging machines.

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Impressive output, continuous fog (30 - 40% more fog than its G150 predecessor) from our Rapid Change Technology Heat Exchanger. A simple yet extremely effective fog machine incorporating a large heating block, a strong whisper-quiet pump, and our award winning Rapid Change Technology (RCT) capillary tube replacement system.

The Stage Fogger DMX has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service, and a Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger.

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The G3000 is the ultimate fog machine featuring RDM equipped technology, DMX control, 2000w Dual Core Rapid Change Block, LSG compatibility, low fluid detection, continuous thermal control and a full functional backlit digital remote. Stainless steel body holds a one-gallon jug making it an ideal solution for continuous use in many different applications or environments.

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Smoke fluid is stocked in two formulas: TELE-MAX, which is our standard mix, and TELE-PRO, which has an extended hang time of 2 or 3 times that of the standard mix. Smoke fluid is available in 1-gallon containers (packaged in cases of four) or in 5-, 20- and 55-gallon containers to meet all your training requiremnets and consumption needs.

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   September  24, 2023